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Since 1998, Help For Children has worked to prevent and treat child abuse. A global foundation supported by the generosity of Hedge Funds Care and Private Equity Cares, Help For Children provides grants to the most effective and efficient child abuse prevention and treatment interventions in seven countries, making the world a safer place for children.

Help For Children BVI was founded in 2017 to build upon the HFC Global mission and help the most vulnerable and at-risk children identified by child welfare organizations in the BVI.     

A message from Global Board Chair Dean Backer and HFC BVI Affiliate Board Chair Phil Graham:

 The HFC global mission to ensure the well-being of children is especially important in this time of need in the BVI.  As you know, hurricanes have wreaked havoc across the Caribbean and the BVI was hit especially hard with a lot of our friends and colleagues in the finance industry temporarily relocated while rebuilding goes on. The industry itself has proven to be incredibly robust during this time of crisis, but for most people, life on the ground in the BVI remains extremely tough – especially for kids.

During this time of renewal, HFC is committed to supporting BVI to ensure the continued well-being of children and to keep children safe. To do this, the HFC BVI affiliate and the Global office are collecting funds and connecting with providers on the ground.  By implementing an expedited grant making process to source grantees through our local connections in BVI, HFC is equipped to quickly and efficiently turn donations into support to reputable providers to protect children on the islands.  Just think…. the child care centers are not operating … public schools are currently closed…. there are no recreation centers…. few churches remain intact….  most families are in temporary homes…. there are few safe places for children while the entire community is preoccupied with recovery…. and everyone is under enormous stress…  These are the conditions that leave children vulnerable and why we feel the need to act.

 We are calling on our friends and colleagues in the finance community to help support the safety of the children of BVI, to rally behind our newest affiliate HFC BVI, and donate to HFC BVI Relief through our website.  A little can go a long way. Please consider making a personal donation. Click here to donate now.

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Child Abuse

Worldwide, 40 million children are subjected to abuse each year. These children, too young and too scared to seek help, can too easily be hidden from view

Our Impact

Since 1998, with the support of the alternative investment community, HFC has distributed close to $50 million in grants – positively impacting 87,000 lives on an annual basis.

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